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01.02.14 - Let Your True Colours Shine with Our Wedding Photography

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Don’t Forget To Hire Wedding Photographers London To Capture Your Big Day!

Your wedding is quite possibly the biggest day of your life. Let’s face it; it’s not every day that you get the chance to walk down the aisle and tie the knot with your beloved partner! But can you imagine having a wedding day without perfect wedding make up, and professional wedding photography on hand to take the picture-perfect portraits? Qualified professionals who are on standby to ensure that your big day goes to plan? It would be a disaster! It’s a funny thing to think about; not having wedding photographers attend your wedding, but it is also something that’s not so uncommon.

02.10.13 - Your Beautiful Day – Your Wedding

Amazing wedding dressAn image tells one thousand words. You know that wedding day is the unforgettable day in a lifetime. No matter if the couple will be more or less happy in the future. But, all of us tend to envision that a happy wedding is a prelude to a happy living together.

Even so, that day, as the others, will be inevitably ephemeral if you don´t make a clever use of the art of photography.

Wedding is an event composed of multiple micro-events. Each micro-event, and, also, each simple and subtle object, such as the favors and the bouquets, deserve to be captured artistically.


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