30.07.14 - Featured: Dark Beauty Magazine – “Lost Within”

I am ecstatic to have worked with such an amazing team of creative individuals… You allowed this to happen by giving your very best on the day. We knew what we wanted and we worked towards it and this proves that we did an amazing job!!!

I said to myself that in 2014 I want to be shown on Dark Beauty Magazine and with everyone’s help a dream has become the reality.. 

“Dark Beauty Magazine”

- Lost Within -
Photographer: Mindaugas Orlauskas
Stylist/Makeup: Jovita Jascemskyte-Orlauske
Model: Ernesta Budaite
Assistant: Indre Balnaite
Video: Evamotion


01.02.14 - Let Your True Colours Shine with Our Wedding Photography

wedding photography location weddings
Don’t Forget To Hire Wedding Photographers London To Capture Your Big Day!

Your wedding is quite possibly the biggest day of your life. Let’s face it; it’s not every day that you get the chance to walk down the aisle and tie the knot with your beloved partner! But can you imagine having a wedding day without perfect wedding make up, and professional wedding photography on hand to take the picture-perfect portraits? Qualified professionals who are on standby to ensure that your big day goes to plan? It would be a disaster! It’s a funny thing to think about; not having wedding photographers attend your wedding, but it is also something that’s not so uncommon.

02.10.13 - Your Beautiful Day – Your Wedding

Amazing wedding dressAn image tells one thousand words. You know that wedding day is the unforgettable day in a lifetime. No matter if the couple will be more or less happy in the future. But, all of us tend to envision that a happy wedding is a prelude to a happy living together.

Even so, that day, as the others, will be inevitably ephemeral if you don´t make a clever use of the art of photography.

Wedding is an event composed of multiple micro-events. Each micro-event, and, also, each simple and subtle object, such as the favors and the bouquets, deserve to be captured artistically.


23.09.13 - Importance of photography within fashion industry

fancy fashion dress

Fashion, in its ample spectrum of meaning, is interlinked with photography as the two sides of a page. Gilles Lipovetsky, a French scholar whose 1987 work on fashion was first translated into English in 1994, takes the broadest perspective on the contemporary implications of fashion. In his view ―rejecting Foucaultian arguments―, fashion promotes modernity, defined primarily as freedom from tradition, and valuing individual autonomy. He contends that fashion seduces through “the multiplication of prototypes, and the possibility of personal choice”.


04.09.13 - Branding and Photography

fashion shoot seaside Branding is of paramount importance in today´s business environment. A brand is more than a logo. A brand is a network of associations with a name (or image) in the brain of a person.

Your brand can be associated, for example, with peace, calmness, energy, strength, vitality, tenderness, and so on. All of these nouns release emotions. An emotion moves you to act.

If you are a business leader ―no matter if your firm is big or small―, you need a successful branding strategy to boost your sales and to create favorable visibility for your product or service.

It´s clear that out there you can get a lot of creative graphic designers that are very capable of inventing a nice logo accordance with your tastes. However, branding is much more than a good logo, full of colors and curvilinear forms.


22.08.13 - The Chinatown Special inspired Beauty Dish – UK -


The link above is the original article by Todd Owyoung on how they built it, and it explains it to the tiniest details, so I don’t need to get into that much. What I will include in my article is the exact components used to build the beauty dish in UK. When I started looking at components which were needed to build it I thought to myself “This is not going to happen”, the parts are so hard to obtain but here goes the list:


13.08.13 - We are here to provide photographic inspiration…


This blog is meant to inspire one and all. It is incomplete without your participation. We are excited to share our stories with you and cannot wait to start opening up our hearts and minds.

We are satisfied with our achievements so far and we will continue to commit ourselves to the capture of powerful imagery. Our lives may not be as glamorous as of our subjects that we capture but, we would like to translate our labour, our tears and our smiles to `make the day’ of each of our clients and face the challenges that lie ahead of us.


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