04.09.13 - Branding and Photography

fashion shoot seaside Branding is of paramount importance in today´s business environment. A brand is more than a logo. A brand is a network of associations with a name (or image) in the brain of a person.

Your brand can be associated, for example, with peace, calmness, energy, strength, vitality, tenderness, and so on. All of these nouns release emotions. An emotion moves you to act.

If you are a business leader ―no matter if your firm is big or small―, you need a successful branding strategy to boost your sales and to create favorable visibility for your product or service.

It´s clear that out there you can get a lot of creative graphic designers that are very capable of inventing a nice logo accordance with your tastes. However, branding is much more than a good logo, full of colors and curvilinear forms.

Your brand must stand out. It must be able to construct your public identity and, at the same time, elicit emotions in your target customers. Don´t think that the logo in isolation can do this for you. So, what you have to understand is the preponderance of the place the images have in our dizzy, audiovisual times.

Art photography comes here to help you reach nothing less than your strategic intent: the core secret of your success.

The history of photography proves that a top-notch image surrounding your company´s logo is the key to your desire to open the doors of perception.

Photography and branding are intertwined. In a world saturated with symbols and messages of all types, a good picture depicting a beautiful human body attracts the attention of the public before the logo is detected. In the fashion industry, for example, the photo of a gorgeous young model with a flashy dress, moved by the wind, or the face of a beloved baby exerts an influence into the mind that sets other visual objects apart. So, don´t hesitate to choose a professional photographer to offer to you professional advice and new ideas to permanently reinvent your business communication to achieve the results you wish.