22.08.13 - The Chinatown Special inspired Beauty Dish – UK -

STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS HOW TO BUILD YOUR BEAUTY DISH: http://www.ishootshows.com/2010/02/09/music-photographers-diy-beauty-dish/

The link above is the original article by Todd Owyoung on how they built it, and it explains it to the tiniest details, so I don’t need to get into that much. What I will include in my article is the exact components used to build the beauty dish in UK. When I started looking at components which were needed to build it I thought to myself “This is not going to happen”, the parts are so hard to obtain but here goes the list:

So the “Bowl” the only place where I managed to find it was ebay: PURCHASED HERE

Its not cheap but this was the only one I managed to find, if you find something cheaper please let me know so I can update. I got the 45cm one.

The aluminum plate was even harder to find and when I found it although it says 8″ it is actually 9″ so just you know: PURCHASED HERE

I purchased all the screws from: westfieldfasteners.co.uk

The exact screws were:

9 x A2 Nut Hex M6

4 x A2 Nut HexFlg M4

4 x A2 Nut HexThin M4

4 x A2 ScrewBolt SlotMush M4 12

3 x A2 ScrewBolt SlotMush M6 70

I bought washers as well but I didn’t use them for my beauty dish.

The paint for the exterior and the interior I purchased from ebay as well as the protective finish.

Colours: (Flat white & Flat black) PURCHASED HERE

Protective finish: PURCHASED HERE

For the bracket I already owned a cheater soft box, so I had the bracket to fit to the beauty dish, but if you don’t know a soft box yet you can buy a bracket here: PURCHASED HERE

I will post some more pictures of the beauty dish later as I only had inside painted as I was in a hurry to finish it for the shoot last Sunday.

beauty dish

Results with the dish using SB900:

beauty test

Big thanks to Todd Owyoung for their in depth tutorial, really helped me in building this beauty dish…