02.10.13 - Your Beautiful Day – Your Wedding

Amazing wedding dressAn image tells one thousand words. You know that wedding day is the unforgettable day in a lifetime. No matter if the couple will be more or less happy in the future. But, all of us tend to envision that a happy wedding is a prelude to a happy living together.

Even so, that day, as the others, will be inevitably ephemeral if you don´t make a clever use of the art of photography.

Wedding is an event composed of multiple micro-events. Each micro-event, and, also, each simple and subtle object, such as the favors and the bouquets, deserve to be captured artistically.

A professional photographer specialized in taking well-framed pictures at weddings knows how to creatively render that day an “eternalized day” by the use of this magic invention: the camera lucida.

An experienced photographer (please, don´t ask a friend of you to do the job) always has a pre-wedding consultation with the couple to get to know them and find out what they really want.

A well-made consultation allows the exposition of the details such as the chosen place of the ceremony, the schedule of the day, the order of the steps to go from A to B, the number and the distribution of the guests, and the general personality of the party.

If you are a classic couple, while you listen the bridal song, you will get the key expected scenes to remember forever: the bride admiring her special attire, the bride´s proud mother and sisters helping the bride put her dream dress on, the dance between the bride and her father, the dance between the groom and his mother, and the beautiful group picture of the bride surrounded by her splendid and smiling bridesmaids.

However, it is possible that you are a non-classic couple. In this case, you can add attitude to the occasion and playfully experience a creative work to plan funny and exceptional images beforehand.

Try to dissipate all the stress that accompany the previous days and let a professional take the pictures that you and your kids will enjoy during decades. And a final advice: videography doesn´t replace still art photography. Because photography ―like poetry― is the constitution of the instant.

  • Atanu Das

    I have landed in this website while traveling via blogland. I really like your website and all the images you have uploaded in your gallery section – just amazing! Keep it up!

    • Mindaugas Orlauskas

      Thanks for your kind words